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How can I be smart and mysterious?

(1) Speak less and listen more.

(2) Never argue with fools, especially on subjects like religion, politics, and on controversies. Just agree with them and go away

(3)Be humble and polite to others. No matter how they treat you. In the future, they will regret it.

(4) Never reveal your next move to anyone. Secrets too

(5) Don’t speak about yourself.

(6) Always make eye contact and be confident while talking to others.

(7) Don’t ever try to copy someone. Be unique.

(8) Do everything with full dedication. Otherwise don’t initiate it.

(9)silence is the best answer to haters.

(10) Don’t follow the mob blindly. Always take decisions on behalf of facts and logic.

(11) Don’t hesitate to ask questions. It shows that you are paying attention as well as being interested in the conversation.

(12) Don’t be always available for others.

(13) keep yourself engaged in something.