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At what age are people the most physically attractive?

After surveying over 16,000 individuals across eight different countries who were all asked at what ages they think men and women are most beautiful, there has been data found that the overall average age where women are found to be most attractive is 28. Coming in at slightly older, the average age where participants deemed men most attractive was 32.

This particular survey interviewed participants from the U.K., U.S., Italy, Canada, France, Australia, Spain, and Germany, and, surprisingly, the average ages for each particular country varied pretty significantly from the cumulative average. For instance, in the U.K., the average age where women are thought to be most beautiful was five years younger than the mean, at 23, while the age for men was just one year older, at 33. For the U.S., the average for men and women came a bit older than the mean, with 31 being the most beautiful age for women, and 34 for being the most beautiful for men.